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hotel montalcino
Montalcino hotel
Wine, Food, art & wellness in Montalcino, Tuscany
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The confirmation of your reservation is received by e-mail or fax. We reserve the right to verify availability of services required
within 48 hours following your confirmation.


A credit card and a 25% deposit is kindly requested as a guarantee at the moment of booking.
The balance will be charged 45 days before the tour starts.
We accept cash payment, wire transfer or credit card. A surcharge up to 10% is applied on payment with credit cards and wire transfer from an extra-Euro area account.

Cancellation Policy

For cancellations we charge:

  • 25% of total amount until 45 days before departure (= penalty - the deposit paid at the time of booking);

  • 50 % of total amount between 44 and 30 days prior to arrival;

  • 75 % of total amount between 29 and 8 days prior to arrival;

  • 100 % of the total amount from day 7 prior to arrival, or in case of no-show.

Reduction of participants

A surcharge of the original price per person may apply (in addition to the fee due for cancellation) for reduction in participants constituting greater than 10% of the original total number of participants.

Final numbers for all transportation must be advised 45 working days from the start of the program.

Meal, banqueting or tasting final numbers must be advised 48 working hours before the start of the program.

General Tourist Services Purchasing Terms and Conditions

The services offered on our website are regulated by the General Tourism Contract Terms and Conditions established by Italian Law. The booking requests made through the website are absolutely not binding and are subject to verification and availability within 48 hours. Should the request be available, the Client shall be asked to confirm the booking by providing personal identification details and a valid credit card number. The booking will be confirmed by e-mail, on-line or by fax.

1. Legislative Sources

The sale of tour packages, that includes providing services either in Italy or abroad, is regulated in Italy as sanctioned by and implemented by Law 27/12/1977 n°1084 by the International Convention relative to travel contracts (CCV) signed in Brussels on 23/04/1970 - where applicable- as well as by the Consumer Code (Cod. Cons.) Legislative Decree 206 dated 6 September 2005 (art. 82-100) and its subsequent amendments.

2. Authorization

The Organizer and Vendor of the tour packages, whom the Client consults, must be authorized to conduct their respective services under the applicable administrative norms.

3. Definitions

In accordance with this contract, the following terms shall refer to:

  • Trip Organizer, the person responsible for the combination of elements pursuant to article 4 below, and who is bound by name and by the flat rate to obtain tour packages for the third party;
  • Vendor, the person responsible for selling and who is bound to obtain tour packages for a flat rate pursuant to article 4 below;
  • Client of tour package, the buyer, the assignee of the tour package or anyone to be named on behalf of whom he/she is bound to purchase a tour package for in absence of remuneration provided that he/she satisfy the required conditions for the use of the service.

4. Concept of Tour packages

The concept of tour packages is the following: “Tour packages refer to trips, vacation holidays and “all-inclusive” packages, ensuing the prearranged set combination of at least two of the following elements indicated as follows, offered or sold at a flat rate price with a duration longer than 24 hours or extending over a period of time comprised of at least one night: a) transportation; b) accommodation; c) additional holiday services not included in transportation or accommodation that constitute a significant part of the tour package (art. 84 Cod. Cons.). The Client has the right to receive a copy of the contract of sale of a tour package (pursuant to articles 85 and 86 of the Cod. Cons.), which is also the document required to access the Guarantee Fund pursuant to art. 20 of this Contract of General Terms and Conditions in case of necessity.

5. Obligatory Information – Specifications

The Organizer is obliged to include Specifications in the catalogue or in the programme not included in the catalogue. The obligatory elements that must be inserted in the specifications of the catalogue or in the programme not included in the catalogue are:

  • details about administrative authorization or, if applicable, the D.I.A. (public notice of business opening) of the Organizer;
  • details about the insurance policy for third party liability;
  • valid time period of the catalogue and the programme not included in the catalogue;
  • methods and conditions for traveller substitution (article 89 of the Consumer Code);
  • parameters and criterion for price adjustment (article 90 of the Consumer Code);

Furthermore the Organizer must inform the passengers about the identity of the actual carrier(s) with respect to the times and modalities pursuant to article 11 of Reg. CE 2111/2005.

6. Bookings

The booking shall be requested in writing on the proper contract forms, and, if it be the case, electronic booking requests are also accepted, which shall be filled in completely and signed by the Client who will receive a copy. Confirmation of the booking shall come into effect and subject to the close only when the Organizer shall send the relative confirmation to the Client even electronically or at the selling travel agency. The information relative to the tour packages not included in contract documents, brochures or in other written forms shall be provided by the Organizer before the start of the holiday in standard fulfilment of the obligations pursuant to Article 87, comma 2 of the Consumer Code.

7. Payment

The amount of the down payment, up to a maximum of 25% of the price of the tour package, is to be paid at the time of booking or at the time of a binding request and shall be paid in full by a specified date before departure, according to the catalogue, brochure or other. Should the remaining amount not be paid by the prescribed date, an express cancellation clause shall come into effect to determine the legal termination of the contract on the part of the intermediary agency or Organizer.

8. Price

The price of the tour package is determined in the contract on the basis of the information given in the catalogue (printed or on-line) or in the programme not included in the catalogue and any ensuing updates of the same catalogue or services not included in the catalogue. The cost may be subject to change up to 20 days before the departure and only as a result of the variation of the following:

  • cost of transport, including fuel costs;
  • duty and taxes on certain types of holiday services, landing, disembarking or embarking taxes in ports and airports;
  • exchange rates applicable to the tour package in question.

For such variations, reference shall be made to exchange rates and to the aforementioned costs valid at the date of publication of the programme as in the specifications of the catalogue. The aforementioned variations shall be applied to the fixed price of the tour package in the percentage expressly indicated in the specifications of the catalogue or programme not included in the catalogue.

9. Modification or Cancellation of Tour Package Before Departure

Before departure, should the Organizer or Vendor have to significantly modify one or more elements of the contract, he/she shall immediately notify the Client in writing and specify the type of modifications and consequent cost variation. Should the modification proposal not be accepted, in comma 1, the Client can exercise his/her right to a full refund of the amount paid or accept the offer of a substitute tour package pursuant to commas 2 and 3 of article 9. The Client may exercise his/her aforementioned right even when the cancellation is due to a lack of reaching the minimum number of participants as indicated in the catalogue (or not included in the catalogue), or in case of force majeur (unforeseeable circumstances) and fortuitous events with regards to the tour package that had been booked and purchased. For types of cancellations other than force majeur, fortuitous events or failure to reach the minimum number of participants as well as for those not due to the Client’s refusal to accept the alternative tourist package offered by the Organizer who cancels (article 33, letter e Consumer Code), the Client must be reimbursed double the amount paid by the same and collected by the Organizer through the travel agent. The sum subject to reimbursement shall never be more than the double of the amount the Client has paid according to Article 10, comma 4 whatever the reason of the cancellation.

10. Withdrawal

The Client may withdraw from the contract without penalty under the following circumstances:

  • price increase in excess of 10%, pursuant to the preceding article 8;
  • significant modification to one or more elements of the contract after the conclusion of the contract but before departure and not accepted by the Client which may be considered fundamental at the time of use of the complete tour package as proposed by the Organizer.

In the aforementioned cases, the Client alternatively has the right:

  • to accept an alternative tour package without additional charges or with a refund on the difference should the alternative tour package be of inferior value;
  • to a full refund only on the sum already paid. This refund shall be made within seven working days upon receiving the request for refund.

The Client must notify the Organizer of his/her decision (to accept the modification proposal or to withdraw) within and not over two working days from the time in which he/she receives the notice of price increase or change. If no reply has been received within the established time frame, the Organizer’s proposal is considered to be accepted. The Client who withdraws from the contract before departure for reasons other than those listed in the first comma, shall be charged – regardless of the down payment in Article 7/comma 1 – for the operating costs, the penalty as indicated in the specifications of the catalogue or in the programme not included in the catalogue or tailor-made tour packages, the prospective equivalent of the coverage requested at the moment of the conclusion of the contract for other services already rendered. In the case of pre-established groups, the amount shall be agreed upon each time at the moment of signing the contract.

11. Modifications After Departure

Should the Organizer not be able to supply an essential part of the service stated in the contract for whatever reason excluding a problem on the part of the Client, he/she must offer alternative solutions at no extra cost to the contracting party and should the service rendered be of inferior value with respect to the original agreement, the Client shall be reimbursed the difference. Should it not be possible to find a suitable alternate tour package or should the alternate tour package be refused by the Client for substantiated and justified reasons, the Organizer shall provide transportation of equivalent value in the original agreement to return to the departure point or to an agreed upon location at no additional cost, depending on the availability of space and means of transportation, and reimburse the Client the difference of the cost between the services in the original agreement and the rendered services until the moment of the early reentry.

12. Substitutions

The withdrawing Client may be substituted by another person provided that:

  • a) the Organizer be informed in writing at least four working days before the set departure date, concomitantly receiving notice regarding the reason for the substitution and the personal information details about the substitute;
  • b) the substitute fulfil all the conditions for the use of the service (ex art. 89 Cod. Cons.) and especially the requirements with regards to passport, visas and health certificates;
  • c) the same services or other substitute services can be provided following the substitution;
  • d) the substitute reimburse the Organizer for any additional costs incurred to make the substitution, in the amount that will be specified before the transfer of Client.

The withdrawing Client and the substitute are jointly and severally responsible for the payment of the balance of the service in addition to the amount in letter d of this article. Further information and substitution conditions are listed under Specifications.

13. Client Obligation

During the information and booking process and before the conclusion of the contract, general information is provided to Italian citizens in writing – updated to the time of printing of the catalogue – relative to the health requirements and documentation necessary for travel abroad. Foreigners shall receive the corresponding information through their respective diplomats present in Italy and/or respective official government information channels. In any case, the Client shall see to verifying any updates before departure with the relevant authorities (for Italian citizens, the local police headquarters or Minister of Foreign Affairs on the www.viaggiaresicuri.it website or by telephone at 06.491115) before the holiday. Without such verification, no responsibility for the failed departure of one or more of the Clients may be attributed to the Vendor or Organizer. The Clients must inform the Vendor and Organizer of their citizenship and, at the moment of departure, must definitely ascertain to be in possession of vaccination certificates, individual passports and any other type of valid document for all the countries on the itinerary, as well as travel visas, transit visas and health certificates that may possibly be requested. Furthermore, in order to assess the health and safety situations of the countries to be visited and, therefore, the objective use of the acquired services or services to be acquired, the Client shall (using the sources of information as stated in comma 2) obtain official general information from their Minister of Foreign Affairs who will specifically indicate if there are any travel warnings for the destinations. The Client must also practice due caution and diligence in addition to the laws of the country of destination and all the information given by the Organizer as well as the laws and regulations relative to the tour package. The Client will be responsible for any damages that the Organizer and/or Vendor may sustain even if due to the lack of respect of the aforementioned obligations. The Client must provide the Organizer with all the documents, information and material in his/her possession that may be needed to exercise the right to subrogation of the latter to the third party held responsible for the damages and is responsible to the Organizer for any damages caused by the right to subrogation. The Client shall likewise inform the Organizer in writing at the time of booking of requested personal information details that may be subject to specific agreements on conditions of travel, provided that these requests are feasible. The Client must always inform the Vendor and Organizer of possible requirements or special conditions (pregnancy, food allergies, disabilities, etc.) and explicitly specify the request for necessary personalized services. Moreover the Client shall be responsible for all damages and all the theft of objects that the Organizer and/or Vendor and/or manager of accommodation may sustain after having provided their services, reserving the right to charge the Client the entire amount of the damage sustained, valued at their own discretion (even by charging the amount to the credit card used at the time of booking if necessary).

14. Classification of Hospitality Structures

The official classification of hospitality structures are supplied in the catalogue and in other informative material only by the express and formal request of the relevant authorities of the country in which the service is provided. In absence of an official list recognized by the relevant public authorities of the countries which are also members of the EU in which the service is provided, the Organizer reserves the right to include in the catalogue or brochure his/her own description of the hospitality structure in order for the Client to assess and decide on the same.

15. Liability Regulations

The Organizer is responsible for damages sustained by the Client due to partial or total non-fulfilment of the required contractual obligations whether provided personally by the Organizer or by third party service providers, unless it can be proven that the event was caused by the Client (including actions taken independently by the Client during the course of the tour package) or by circumstances unrelated to the services to be rendered as stated in the contract, by fortuitous events, by force majeur, or by circumstances that the same Organizer could not have, according to professional diligence, reasonably foreseen or resolved. The Vendor that booked the tour package is not responsible in any case for liability deriving from the Organizer of the tour package, but is only responsible for the quality of his/her role as intermediary and in any case within the limits according to the current regulations on the subject matter.

16. Limits of Indemnity

Compensation for damages may not be in any case more than the limits as outlined in articles 94 and 95 of the Consumer Code.

17. Obligation to Provide Assistance

The Organizer must provide assistance to the Client as per professional diligence specifically in reference to his/her own responsibilities by order of law or contract. The Organizer and the Vendor are exonerated of their respective responsibilities (articles 15 and 16 of this General Terms and Conditions) when the non-fulfilment or inaccurate fulfilment of the contract is attributed to the Client, is caused by a third party or factor of an unforeseeable or unavoidable nature, or is caused by fortuitous event or force majeur.

18. Claims and Denunciations

Every non-fulfilment of the contract must be contested by the Client without delay so that the Organizer, his/her local representative or guide may promptly rectify the situation. Otherwise the breach of contract may not be contested. The Client shall likewise – under sanction of forfeiture - file a complaint by registered letter with confirmation of delivery receipt to the Organizer or Vendor within and not over ten working days from the return date to the point of departure.

19. Insurance Against Cancellation and Repatriation Costs

If not specifically included in the price, it is possible, and, in fact, advisable to stipulate at the moment of booking at the Organizer’s or Vendor’s office special insurance policies for the cost of cancelling the service, injury or luggage. It will also be possible to stipulate a contract of assistance to cover the cost of repatriation in case of accident or illness.

20. Guarantee Fund

The National Guarantee Fund (article 100 of the Consumer Code) instituted in defence of the Client provides for the following measures in case of insolvency or bankruptcy declared by the Organizer: a) refund of the amount paid; b) repatriation in case of a holiday abroad. The Fund must also provide immediate economic resources in case of forced repatriation of non-EU tourists in emergency situations which are attributed or not to the behaviour of the Organizer. The conditions of the intervention of the Fund are established by decree of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers dated 23/07/99, n. 349.

21. Insurance

The tour package and/or holiday services subject to this General Terms and Conditions Contract do not include any insurance.

Addendum General Sales Contract Conditions of Individual Holiday Services

A) Legal Provisions

Contracts for individual transportation services, accommodation or any other separate holiday service that cannot be considered contractual subject matter of an organised trip or a tourist package are regulated by the following dispositions of the CCV: art 1, n.3 and n. 6; articles 17 – 23; articles 24 to 31, with regard to provisions different from those relative to the contract of organization in addition to other agreements specifically in reference to the sale of individual services subject to contract.

B) Contract Conditions

The following clauses of aforementioned general sales contract conditions of tourist packages are also applicable to such contracts: art. 7 comma 1; art. 7 comma 2; art. 13; art. 19. The application of these clauses in no way determines the configuration of relative contracts as subject matter of a tourist package. The terminology of the cited clauses relative to the contract of tourist packages (Organizer, Vendor, etc.) are therefore understood in reference to the corresponding terms in the contract of an individual holiday service (Vendor, stay, etc.)



All personal data shall be treated in full respect of the Law 196/2003 and all treatment of personal data is used to provide the professional services of the business that make up the holiday service. Personal information data in no way shall be shared with third parties and may be deleted at any time by request of the Client.


“Wild Tuscany di Paris Giovanni Alfonso” Travel Agency and Tour Organizer – Authorization by the Provincial Administration of Siena dated 28.04.10


The Italian Law punishes crimes relating to prostitution and juvenile pornography with imprisonment even if committed abroad. (pursuant to article 17 of Law n. 38/2006)