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Wine, Food, art & wellness in Montalcino, Tuscany
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The painting
The painting "Il buon governo" by Lorenzetti

The copy of the "David" by Michelangelo in Florence (original one is at the Museum of Accademy)

Art and Culture in Tuscany

A land of history and beauty

Italy is a world capital of culture: UNESCO has estimated that the peninsula holds 6% of the global cultural patrimony.

Tuscany is one of the richest Italian regions in its historical and cultural legacy that reconnects daily life with past eras. In the province of Siena, one of the oldest European regions, this sensation is very noticeable: at every turn it is possible to come across Roman and Etruscan monuments, to stop in medieval hamlets or monasteries or to admire gothic or renaissance features in Siena and in Pienza.

The Artists’ Way

For centuries the Cassia was the main route between Rome and northern Europe; in the Middle Ages many parts of it joined with the Francigena, the pilgrim route which passed through the hot spring towns of Bagno Vignoni, Bagno San Filippo and San Casciano dei Bagni. Along these routes, artists and well-read travellers left a trail of their own art and knowledge permanently influencing the style and culture of the area.

Nature as a Work of Art

The nature in this part of Tuscany is still wild and uncontaminated. You can go from the mountain environment of Amiata, a dormant volcano considered sacred by the Etruscans, a paradise for hikers, bird watchers, mushroom and chestnut pickers, and skiers to the work-of-art landscape of the Val d’Orcia shaped over the centuries by the respectful and caring hands of farmers and renowned for the very famous cultivated hills of grains adorned with cypress trees, vines and olive trees and bordered by a mosaic of dry stone walls.