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Exposure of the typical forms of Tuscan pecorino
Exposure of the typical forms of Tuscan pecorino

Sheeps in Valdorcia

Slices of Tuscan pecorino di Pienza
Slices of Tuscan Pecorino di Pienza

A plate of Tuscan pecorino cheese
A plate of Tuscan cheese


Getting together with friends on the May Day holiday and snacking on pecorino cheese and raw fava beans on the cobblestone streets of Castelnuovo dell’Abate is more than a tradition, it is a must; a truly healthy snack for all gourmands.

In May the cheeses of the Val d’Orcia are at their best. The pastures are verdant with thousands of tender herbs and flowers, the air is fresh and the pulsating energy of springtime reawakening runs through the veins of the animals. The pecorino cheese that is produced at this time of the year is the absolute best making it an excellent cheese for ageing.

Pecorino Toscano Dop

Pecorino Toscano Dop is the king of cheeses from the region that was first cited by Plinio il Vecchio in his writings. The unmistakable characteristic of fragrant pastures on the Tuscan hills is extracted from pure sheep’s milk. Eating and grating cheese is made. Its texture is either soft or medium hard making it sometimes difficult to cut. The colour varies from white in the fresh cheeses to straw yellow in the aged variety. It is fragrant, strong, harmonic and unique.

Caciotta Toscana

This fresh cheese is made from a combination of milk; mostly cow’s milk and partly sheep’s milk. It is straw yellow in colour and fresh tasting. Produced in all of Tuscany, the best Caciotta is made in springtime.


Sheep cheese with a well-defined taste aged for a minimum of thirty to a maximum of 180 days. Originally from the Chianti region, it is currently produced mostly in the Crete Senesi, Val d’Orcia and Maremma areas of Tuscan. Its high quality, just like for Caciotta, derives from the quality of the milk in spring, limited in quantity but very rich.

Pecorino delle Crete Senesi

Made with the famous milk from Asciano and the sheep that graze in the Crete Senesi, rough but rich perfume. Traditionally it was produced with vegetable rennet. They taste fresh and seasoned.

Pecorino di Pienza

Pecorino cheese has one of his most famous production centers in Val d'Orcia, specifically in Pienza. The excellence of this cheese is linked to the pastures in the area, which are craggy but particularly aromatic. It is produced from December to July with its peak in quality in springtime. Both fresh and aged pecorino cheese is made.

Pecorino Baccellone

Pecorino Baccellone is a delicious whole sheep’s milk cheese slightly salted with spicy accents.


This is a fresh sweet tasting cheese made with whole sheep milk. It is produced by dripping the curds from the extracting process onto fern and chestnut leaves. It is available between January and June.


Ricotta is made by the “ri-cottura” re-cooking of sheep-milk whey at 80°C, a leftover from the production of cheese and the consequent spontaneous albumin, a milk protein. Sienese ricotta is famous for its granularity and clear taste. The best comes from the Monte Amiata area.